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Friday, November 30, 2012

Counting days

Semester baru akan bermula && guess what?? holidays will be end :( .. Uhuu, I am really not excited at all.. terus terasa lemah satu badan.. sudahlaa kawan-kawan sana semakin bekurangan. Tinggal aku jak sana yg masi ambil diploma. Omel habis sd. Nona pulaa praktikal.. ihhh, cuba la Fakulti Sains ni ada praktikal jg, kan syiok... Mau harap dorang Dayah? Lg laa.. Dorg degree pun suda. Btw, Happy Convo my dear.. Aku?? Baru Part 6..Tua d UiTM.. HAHA.. Oh ya, maybe ada yg bingung kenapa aku && omel xsama habis.. utk pgthuan smua, dulu aku ambil pra sains 1 tahun.. Heee :D

1 bulan cuti.. It's like nothing.. Not even going for a vacation instead of taking care of my younger sister who is sitting for her SPM while mommy wasn't around.. But now, mommy is here.. && the best part of my holiday is about u && me.. Hampir hari-hari pegi dating.. Ambil peluang yg ada laa kan.. If my mom ada sini ruma, sure laa nda d bagi selalu bekeluaran.. HAHA.. Nasib bapa n abang tuh ok juga. Umm, mungkinlaa ok.. Yala, bukannya kecil lagi pun.. 21 suda.. Kalau kawin, mungkin ada 3 anak sd. HAHAHA.. What a nonsense..

Actually, skg aku tengah mengumpulkan kekuatan. I don't want to cry.. I have to be strong. Konon*..Sometimes, I feel like crying while I am sleeping.. Tebawak2 tuh perasaan kali kan.. Sudah rapat2 gini dengan family,  kena berpisah.. Baru jak bersemi cinta d hati, suda kena berjauhan..Mana dengan mijo lg..  Wahai hati, bertahanlaa.. Tinggal 1 semester lg, In Shaa Allah.. 

Ummm, I am counting my days.. My friends as well. The students for sure.. HUHU.. Tolonglaa UiTM, 1 bulan cuti, tidak cukup okeh. Actually, even 1 year pun, it will never enough for those yg bercinta like me. HAHA. Oppsss, b ckp. hanya kami jak yg bercinta d dunia nih. Yg lain tuh berkasih syg jak. HAHA.. He's quite funny sometimes. We've WC-ing tadi.. Nampak dia tetidur.. Jelas d wajahnya betapa penatnya dia. Balik jak dari Tawau, terus pegi kebun.. Proud of having u.. Korbankan masa muda untuk jaga org tua.. Mudah2an, akan selamanya gitu.. Amin3 Ya Allah.. Btw, congrats for u syg.. Suda dapat lesen pun.. Pasni, bole suda pg mana2. xperlu takut or lari suda kalau tengok pak polisi.. Weweee~

He sent me this picture as he done the test.. Congrats syg..

You know what.. Benda pertama yg aku akan buat bila sampai KK nanti is.. merindui kamu.. Uhhhh, nda dapat imagine.. I just don't want to imagine how it will be.. Masanya akan tiba.. So, biar masa jak yg tentukan.. Kalau d ingat2, sure pandai temenangis sendiri.. 

I love u so much my dear <3

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ghazalih + Irmah

Meeting you was not an accident but it was fate & love cause you’re contagious

A meeting between two beings who complete one another, who are made for each other, borders already, in my opinion, on a miracle

When we first met, I behaved silly… I was drifting in air, and still am… I love for you for letting me be me.

I never really knew you, you were just another friend, but when I got to know you, I let my heart unbend. I couldn't help past memories that would only make me cry I had to forget my first love and give love another try so I fell in love with you.

I'm in love with you and all your little things

I don’t want a relationship where people say, ‘They look so cute together.’ I want one where they say, ‘Look, how happy they are together.’”

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Activity on Weekend

It's weekend.. && whatta, I did bake 2 cakes.  One for my uncle, && the special one for my luvly  baby boy..HAHA. 

I had no idea on decorating cake but I guess, they love it. I mean, the taste. Abang did ask me, " kau buat sendiri? Waa, sudala adikku ne cantik, pandai, rajin, hormat org tua, pndai msak,naa, pndai lg buat kek".. HAHA.. Gombal. 

This picture was uploaded by him on facebook.. Hihi, kinda shameful.. Yalaa, the cake isn't that nice pun.. As u can see, it is a rainbow cake.. Yuuuhuuu!! Once again. I failed on decorating cake. But, I don't really care about the appearance, as long as the taste is okay, then, I am happy.. Heee.. 

He ate the cake && he said, it was yummmeehhh.. Uhhh, I hope that was true.. Still remember those days when we went out to buy all the ingredients of the cake.. 

Cashier : Total RM70++
Sayang : Uhh, mahal jg. Kalau gitu, bagus beli kek yg suda siap.. 
Me : ;(

Sayang, it isn't the same. The cake that u buy from the bakery shop made by others, while, the one that I bake, it's made up of heart.. Do look advance on my effort.. It contains lots of love.. Can u see the difference, sayang??It is totally different.. That was specially made for u.. I don't need any other people to help me because I want u to feel the love of mine as u eat the cake.. Enjoy it !! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Love + Friendship

I did read her blog. Simple yet meaningful. Thanxx for the Du'a.. Insha Allah Amin..

We've been friends since long ago.. Since grade 2.. That means, we've known each other for about 13 years.. we share laughter and tears together..  There were lots of memories. I mean, a lot.

Even when we went everywhere, people were like, "woww, the 4 of girls always being together.wherever.whenever.and whatever they do". Amazing, right?? That's the spirit btw..  

They are my friends who inspire, who challenge, who send me in search of some truer sense of myself.

When I am with them, I became myself. No recover or even parody. 

But oh! the blessing it is to have a friend to whom one can speak fearlessly on any subject. With whom one's deepest as well as one's most foolish thoughts come out simply and safely.

Death cannot kill what never dies.

Nor can spirits ever be divided, that love and live in the same divine principle.

I'm trying not to confuse sadness with regret. not the easiest thing at times. I don't regret that certain things happened. I understand that perhaps I had a choice in the matter, or perhaps I believe in fate. probably not, but so far actions as small as the quickest glance to events as monumental as death have pushed me slowly along to right here, right now. There was no other way to get here.  Take away a handful of angry words, things once thought of as mistakes or regrets, and i'm suddenly a different person with a different history, a different future. That, I would regret. so here I sit. Thinking about a person I once called my best friends. A girl who might be full of sadness and regret, who might not give a damn, or who might, just might, remember the future and realize that's where its at.

The secret of friendship is to be a good listener && guess what, they did too.. 

I love them so much..