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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Activity on Weekend

It's weekend.. && whatta, I did bake 2 cakes.  One for my uncle, && the special one for my luvly  baby boy..HAHA. 

I had no idea on decorating cake but I guess, they love it. I mean, the taste. Abang did ask me, " kau buat sendiri? Waa, sudala adikku ne cantik, pandai, rajin, hormat org tua, pndai msak,naa, pndai lg buat kek".. HAHA.. Gombal. 

This picture was uploaded by him on facebook.. Hihi, kinda shameful.. Yalaa, the cake isn't that nice pun.. As u can see, it is a rainbow cake.. Yuuuhuuu!! Once again. I failed on decorating cake. But, I don't really care about the appearance, as long as the taste is okay, then, I am happy.. Heee.. 

He ate the cake && he said, it was yummmeehhh.. Uhhh, I hope that was true.. Still remember those days when we went out to buy all the ingredients of the cake.. 

Cashier : Total RM70++
Sayang : Uhh, mahal jg. Kalau gitu, bagus beli kek yg suda siap.. 
Me : ;(

Sayang, it isn't the same. The cake that u buy from the bakery shop made by others, while, the one that I bake, it's made up of heart.. Do look advance on my effort.. It contains lots of love.. Can u see the difference, sayang??It is totally different.. That was specially made for u.. I don't need any other people to help me because I want u to feel the love of mine as u eat the cake.. Enjoy it !! 

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