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Saturday, October 13, 2012

♛ My Day ♛

 It's my birthday yesterday && I were having so much fun with them.. 

Yeahh, that was me before being surprised.. I'm no beauty queen. I am just me. So, call me, maybe??HAHA..

&& ohmaiigatttt, where was the beautiful young lady just now? HAHA..

Meet my handsome guy : Charles Billy.. One of the most closes friend I have here..Thank u for the idea of surprising me && thank u for the dinner last night.. 

 Here we go with my insane friend. Shafik.."Kawan bergaduh".. HAHA..

 Kelly was the connector. She was the busiest person to handle the day. My prettiest friend of mine in DIS. Bebeh of our class.. Thank u syg.. XoXo :)

Wawa && Mamah. We shared the same birthday.. Happy   Birthday Wawa :)

I had fun with them yesterday. My day was ohsemmm with my ohsemmmss people 

around me. Even though my family wasn't here to celebrate my day, but I am thankful to

 Almighty cause gve me such a wonderful friends. They are my second family... Thank u 

for those who being behind the scene to succeed the small party.. If I could 

have anything for my birthday I'd ask to have all of u in my life for another year, that a 

year from now I may wish the same.. You guys are ohsemmmm... I love you all   

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