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Friday, May 18, 2012

It's a huhaaa!!

How could I describe the feeling.. Urmm, I am totally happy bebeh.. I got my drivng license today.. Ouhh my baby mijo, kau berjaya mempengaruhi kepala hotak ku neh tuk menyambung lesen ku yg tertunda stelah skian lama.. haha.. What a relief.. Yesterday was very horrible & terrified. Huh..Syukur Alhamdulillah.. Allah helps me to passed all the tests.. && a very thankful to my prince cause be there to gve a fully support to me.. U are too nice to be sayang. I love u sooo much... <3

      Prince is having an interview tomorrow morning.. May Allah bless u "sayang".. Please do well.. I might b too far to support u but do remind, my heart is always with u. He even texted & called me just now..  He said, he was a bit tremble to think about tomorrow.. HAHA.. That's how I've been through "sayang". Everyone do so.. Whoaahhh, if he pass d interview, once again, there will be a "perpisahan" between us.. It's kind of a sad thing but I must gve a little sacrifice on it...for our happiness n blissful future..Insha Allah.. Amin :)

      It's a huha for everything that makes me happy.. Syukur Ya ALLAH.. Syukur for the things that u gve to me... Until today, You still give life to me but sometimes I get over proud with wat I am having now.. I'm a sinner.. totally sinner.. :(.. There aren't much time left.. I hv about 3 weeks to go before the new sem starts it's new page.. I'm not happy with it.. I just not ready yet.. oh time, pliszz stop ticking.. I need more holidays.. Big bro will get married this July Insha Allah.. Lotsa of preparation need to be done & I'm as the second after brother hv a big responsibility to it.. I'll try to gve best out of the best for my big bro..Insha Allah.. Can't wait.. :)