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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Running The Movie with Running Men..

Maigattt...Currently I am totally addicted to Running Men.. Can't get to sleep without watch it.. Wat make me totally upset is..this week is my study week but I spent almost of my time to facebook, blogging, sleeping && for surely Running Men.. How will I get a good pointer if I keep doing all of this at the mean time? Whoaaa..

Actually, I oredy no bout RM since last year but I ignored it.. seems like it does not get into my mind before..But now?? I am trully, deeeply into it.. HAHA.. He ever asked me..My sweetheart.. he keep asking me, "why is that "DRAMA" has no ending haa??"...HAHA.. Sometimes u are funny to be "syg".. It's not a drama la.. It's kinda of variety show in Korea..

Running Men && the books..
Both calling me to watch them..
Dearest RM, let me enjoy the book first...
I'll be back on u as soon as I finish my paper on 31st of March..
Insha Allah :)

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