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Monday, March 12, 2012

What kind of person are u??

Watch this video && do tell me what is in your mind?? How come there's a person leave her/his mom in a budget hotel without any guilt..
Masha Allah..

I felt very pity with the condition of this mom..Her voice shaking && trembling.. She has lot of thoughts but she lost her words.. She just felt very sad and did not think her child will to do those kind of action..
Cause she thinks, a child loves her/his mother..
It is not a requirement but it's how a child need to be..
To love && to take care of her/his mother..

She is the one who gave birth to you..
The one who've been in the hard situation to grew you up..
The one who sacrificed her happiness for the happiness of her children..
&& so on..

How bad or ugly she is, she's still your mother..
The one && the only..

Bertaubat selagi pintu taubat masih terbuka..
&& selagi ibu mu masih hidup..
Krn bila dia d panggil oleh Allah sedangkan dia tidak mengampunkan mu..
Hidup mu tidak pernah akan d berkati oleh Allah
sesungguhnya syurga d telapak kaki seorang ibu..
Bila ibumu tidak mengampunkanmu...
Neraka laa destinasi terakhirmu..


  1. Salam genk..ada lanjutan tu mah...vid ni ada lanjtan..anak dia kena buang krja so x dpt jmpa mak dia

  2. ismi : serious? truk ow anknya ne.. sakit prasaanku..huhu
    vip3rz : :)