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Friday, January 13, 2012


☜♡☞ Guys go crazy over a girl's smile..So darling, smile as sweet as u can..Tp jan lebih2 keh!! Nanti d fikir gilaa plakk..HAHAHA
☜♡☞ Guys don't actually look after gud looking girls. they prefer neat && presentable girls.. Tidak percaya?? HAHAHA.. Even me pun susa maw pecaya tp u need to.. This is the fact..
☜♡☞ If u think yg lelaki nih ndak menangis, u wrong bebeh..Guys cry!!!! Even ego mcmana pun mereka, when it comes to something yg menyentuh hati, they will cry..
☜♡☞ Guys really admire that they like even if they're not that much pretty. HAHAHA.. I terasaa kehh!! My bf handsome k.. Kdgkala rasa rendah diri plaak jd couplenyaa..HAHAHA.. But seriously, they won't care about it as long as they still luv u la..Huh~
☜♡☞ U know wat darling, guys love girls with brains more than girls with miniskirt.. So, jgn laa mengada2 maw fikir kunun lelaki sukaa pompuan sexy.. Gaaahhh!! Jubah is better..
☜♡☞ If a guys tells u he loves u once in a lifetime,He does..Cuz when u touch a guy's heart, there's no turning back..
☜♡☞No guy is bad when he is courting. So, dont believe 100% to them laa okeh..Keep urself pretty smart than them (peringatan tuk diri sdiri).HAHA
☜♡☞ Guys really think that girls are strange & hv unpredictable decisions but still luv them more.
☜♡☞ When u catch him cheating on u & he asks for another chance, give it to him. But when u catch him again & he asks for another chance, ignore him. 2x are ENOUGH!!
☜♡☞ A guy may instantly know if the girl likes him but can nver b sure unless the girl tells him.. HUHU. Even if he reject u..That's the risk..Sob3 -_-
☜♡☞Guys think too much.. Actually, girls even more cuz we have unlimited fantasies about u GUYS!!
☜♡☞Guys really don't hv final dcisions...

p/s :: so,dear GIRLFRIENDS..When a guy loves you, bring out the best in him. Dear GAYS, never think GUYS will court on u..HAHAHAHA..

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