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Friday, December 2, 2011

It's about HEART

It's a weird feeling.. I dunno how to describe it.. My mom always told me, "if there is sumone who love u,like u or in a great way to say is..fell in love with u, be grateful..Syukurlaaa"..Owwhh,for surely I would really be excited to heard about it before,the previous year..But it is not d same as usually mak..When u told me last night, "ada org merisik2 khabar untuk meminang kau"..Huhh?? "Serious?".. yahhh..seriously.. Tapi kann,I love another person baa.. If no laa kan, I dont really care.. Pedulii laa as long as itu lelaki baik d pandangan mata my parents.. Urrmmm, terus bingung akuh d buat tuh statement..Nasib baik jak my mom boleh handle tuh situasi.. Akuh bukannyaa tidak mau tapi kalau boleh,akuh mau org yg jd pendamping hidupkuh nanti tuh, org yg akuh suka && famly pun suka.. My mom ckp, "50-50"..So,tiada penyesalan d akhir crita..Insha Allah.. Neway, kepada "KAMU".. Never give up yahh.. I told u about diz, so one day, kau tidak terkejut bilaa taw tentang semua nih cuz masanyaa akan tiba.. Itu pasti.. So,hopefully,u can handle ur heart && my heart together.. Smiley

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